at long last, our finished table!


ta da!
we’re over the moon excited to eat our first meal tonight at our new table. we might even christen it with a couple glasses of red wine.

{you can see the process here, here, & here.}

i can already picture many memorable dinner parties at our farmhouse-inspired table in the years to come…


xo, anna

*we would like to thank don, debbie, & shai for all of their wisdom & help with this project. we couldn’t have done it without you all! ♥


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{ranunculus bunches in mason jars at my parents’ house}

robby & i spent a long weekend with our parents – eating, relaxing, riding bikes, & enjoying the sunshine.

we visited the newest dewar’s. i had my favorite, coffee-flavored ice cream.

we also finally put the topcoat on our new table (that i mentioned here & here). it is being delivered to us by my sweet daddy-o this week!

{we used safecoat acrylacq in the matte finish, an eco-friendly product with almost no smelly fumes.}

xo, anna

p.s. i am now officially obsessed with downton abbey. how did it take me this long to find out about this amazingly beautiful & captivating series? if you’ve never seen it, i dare you to watch just one!

p.p.s. my adorable owl-printed pj pants (that i’m wearing in the photos above, rolled up to protect them from dripping paint) are truly my new favorites. thanks to bob & pam for the great gift! ♥ ♥ ♥


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celebrating robby

a few moments from robby’s thirtieth celebration…








robby & the dads went on a bike ride to an al fresco lunch. it was a beautiful, warm eighty-degree day.

we had a relaxing afternoon, munching on snacks like garlicky popcorn & guacamole. for dinner, we had homemade chicken tortilla soup (recipe from the pioneer woman), salad, corn bread & roasted asparagus. i made a birthday apple pie for dessert. robby got lots of thoughtful gifts. ♥



{i found many of the decorations from shop sweet lulu.}

we love you, robby!
xo, anna


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bye bye eleanor. . .

our sweet little fishy, eleanor, has passed away.

i know she was just a fish, but she was one cute littly fish.

{soon after i brought her home.}

my then boyfriend, now husband, got her for me over three years ago at a fish store on fillmore street in san francisco.  this little fishy helped me get through lots of late-night studying, always cheerfully buzzing around her bowl.  she survived two moves with me.  she lived in three cities total.  (she was quite a little traveler, as far as fishies go.)

we will miss her silly antics.  she always tried to jump out of the bowl when we filled it with too much water (sometimes successfully, which caused a mad dash to carefully place her back inside).  she liked to hide underneath her fake turtle friend (she must have felt safe under there) until we tapped on the glass which would always get her to swim toward our fingers.  she liked to nibble on the plants that were in her bowl.  she always seemed to get excited when her water was fresh & clean (buzzing around in circles frantically).

{this was taken only a few short days ago. she had started swimming slower & resting on the bottom of the bowl a lot. i kind of knew the end was near.}

what a cute little fishy she was.

rest in peace, little eleanor.

xo, anna

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my hero

Wanted to share with you how amazed/proud/excited I am for Anna Corinne.  In an age in which we too often want life’s rewards to come fast and easy (myself included), Anna has dedicated herself to one of the most tiresome, grueling, and challenging – yet rewarding – of all professions.

And she works harder than anyone I have ever known.  Despite the many obstacles she has faced, she has not backed down one bit.  Her dedication and perseverance are something that I am in awe of everyday.  How many people could chain themselves to their couch for months on end, working for 12 hours a day with only short breaks to eat, while intensively studying the densest most incomprehensible legal mumbo-jumbo one could ever imagine?

Anna has done exactly that, and I am filled with thankfulness that this sweet and sensitive (yet tenacious) little fighter is in my corner.  I am so proud of you, my love!

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thirty years young

happy almost thirtieth birthday to one of my favorite people in the whole world. the entire universe. the cosmos & beyond . . . oh, ok. i’m getting carried away. (i tend to do that when i talk about my mr.)

happiest of birthdays to the sweetest husband around.  i love you, robert austin.

thirty things i love about my almost thirty-year-old husband

(on the eve of his birthday):

#1 his big smile. have you seen it? i mean, he’s got an amazing grin that lights up a room.

#2 his ability to sing rap lyrics like no other white boy i know. this guy knows his rap, lemme tell you.

#3 his laugh. something about it just. well. it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

#4 his big blue eyes. seriously adorable.

#5 his hugs. they’re the best!

#6 his desire for us to be connected to a church.

#7 the curls that form when his hair gets a little long. i can’t bear to let him get them cut off. they’re so cute!

#8 the way he makes grilled cheese sandwiches. he hits just the right pickle:cheese ratio.

#9 his devotion to family. he loves & cherishes his family more than anyone i know. the boy would do anything to cheer up or lighten the load of one of his parents or siblings.

#10 his love for books. robby would love it if we had bookshelves covering every wall of our home. he dreams about his future “study” & loves trips to the library. i ♥ a man with his nose in a book.

#11 his love for “little people” … being around kids makes him feel like everything’s right with the world, he once said. i love that!

#12 his desire to give back to the community. so many people our age are not near as giving & generous as my robby.

#13 his ability to plan. i am so thankful that he loves to dream about & plan our future with me. such a blessing.

#14 his work ethic. robby is always learning new things, trying to take work to the next level.

#15 his ability to deal with stressful situations. let’s just say we balance each other out on this one. :)

#16 the fact that he’ll watch friends/you’ve got mail/when harry met sally with me as many times as i ask. he’s learned to appreciate them with me because they make me smile.

#17 his dedication to staying healthy. he craves bike rides on the weekends. he loves yoga. he flosses every day. he drinks green tea like it’s nobody’s business. give the man a vegetable (beet, turnip, carrot, sweet potato, yam), & he’s happy. feed him a stew filled with vegetables, and he’ll talk about it for a week!

#18 the fact that he gets up at 4:30 every morning to go for a run & make hot oatmeal before work. (i only wish i had his dedication that early!)

#19 the way he takes care of me when i’m sick or tired or cranky. so loving, even in the most stressful moments.

#20 his knowledge about history and art. he’s like a walking encyclopedia. it frightens me sometimes.

#21 sweet texts he sends throughout the day & the notes he leaves me around the apartment. (i save them all!)

#22 his love for traveling. wherever we go –  be it copenhagen, berlin, new york, rome, venice, or a new side of town – he loves to explore, visit museums, learn the history, eat like locals, take it all in.

#23 how he treats waiters & waitresses. he always goes out of his way to show appreciation & respect.  he almost always over-tips.

#24 the way he’ll stop on the way home from a morning run to grab me a fresh croissant & a coffee. he knows the way to my heart.

#25 his love of vintage traditions: formal extended family dinners, sipping vintage cocktails, dressing in a tux & bow tie, visiting the theatre, treating people with dignity, handwritten letters sent in the mail, vinyl jazz records, formal language, old men with thick moustaches, country clubs, classic black & white films … you see, he doesn’t worry about getting old. not one bit. he literally can’t wait to be able to embrace some of the traditions twentysomethings cannot so easily pull off.

{little robby with his aunt “tt”}

#26 how he likes to dress up.  he actually likes wearing ties to work.  he isn’t a fan of anything new that already looks ragged. holes in his jeans: he would never. tears in his shirts: not an option. he shines his own shoes. he irons his shirts.

#27 it is so cute that he feels it’s his job to always take out the trash. i think i’ve taken it out maybe three times the entire time we’ve been married. so sweet.

#28 the fact that he can always tell when i’m sad, even if i don’t say a word.  he always knows the right thing to say, the right mood to shift my spirits.

#29 the fact that he doesn’t mind washing dishes. i mean, what girl wouldn’t love that?!

#30 his love for our little family & desire for our marriage to be healthy & strong. he works every day to bring us closer together. i could not have asked for a better partner in this life.

 xoxoxoxo, wifey

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rise & shine

{september 16, 2011: vegan waffles with a banana, toast with avocado and tomato}

 {november 12, 2010}

{ january 30, 2012}

i love this photographic series called rise & shine, by lauren fleishman.  (yes, the same lauren that i posted about here.)  breakfast can be such a ritual for a lot of us.  it’s fun to see a little peak into someone else’s daily rituals too.  :)

{all photos by lauren fleishman}


xo, anna


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random, but true. these are my current obsessions…


gerolsteiner mineral water: with every meal
(bubbly water rocks & this is my favorite brand right now.)


modern family (for awhile now)

manny: “she’s like a dream, wrapped in a wish, poured into jeggings.” (this keeps making me laugh.)

the writing is so well done that i can watch an episode more than once & catch lots of funny lines i didn’t notice the first time.


trader joe’s organic popping corn:
especially with so many great recipes from here

it tastes fresher than bagged, microwave-popped varieties & is easier than you’d think to make! (hint: we make in a covered pot on the stove.) i love that we can really limit the amount of salt & butter we put on it too.

xo, anna

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fig + fauna

to celebrate our first week cooking with our fresh CSA produce, here’s a beautiful little video by tiger in a jar inspired by a similar message to create a meaningful relationship with your food and seek out local suppliers. :)


i hope you enjoy it!

you can check out tiger in a jar’s blog here

xo, anna

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this sugar cookie dough in break-&-bake form is seriously amazing.

as a baker, i feel rather guilty admitting this, but sometimes it’s nice to have standbys to pop in the oven right after dinner. no mess. no dirty dishes. easy peasy. (i did add one extra step: i roll mine in a sugar-cinnamon mix prior to baking so they resemble snickerdoodles.)

if you make these for guests, i promise they’ll never in a million years guess they came from pre-made dough.

we got ours at whole foods. :)

certain cookies need to be made homemade, in my humble opinion. like these & these. but the simplicity of sugar cookies lend themselves well to this break-&-bake form.

happy “baking”!


xo, anna

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