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playing catch up

things we’ve been up to this spring/summer:

celebrated ANNA’S BIRTHDAY … one year closer to thirty, & she’s feeling good about it.  while she may be twenty-nine now, bartenders still give double-takes when she passes them her license to order a drink (we think she’ll be carded until she’s forty).  :)

moved to a NEW LOFT APARTMENT (which we love).

anna is currently testing out her green thumb on the new patio.

although, there were a few tears as we packed up & left our first apartment we’ve lived in together… au revoir, holly street.

traveled to PARIS with anna’s family!  we ate buttery pastries every day, sipped lots of wine, people-watched in bistros, dined in fancy restaurants, walked the streets until our feet were blistery, traveled to the countryside for a few days, fell in love with rue montorgueil, spoke french with locals, & vowed to visit again.  (we’ll always have paris.)

anna attended her cousin caroline’s BABY SHOWER in virginia.   (update: baby belle is currently an adorable, healthy & happy three-&-a-half-week old!)

anna soaked up every second of time with her east coast cousins on this short trip.

celebrated the FOURTH OF JULY with our parents (it’s becoming a tradition ’round here).  we rode bikes to dinner, sat outside & ate lobster (which felt very festive), watched deuling country clubs’ fireworks shows from the patio, & had a delicious late-night cobbler at robby’s parents’.

took a DAYTRIP TO SANTA BARBARA (the place we were wed) to reminisce.  & reminisce we did.  we ate at the little cafe where we had breakfast every morning of our wedding week.  we visited the hotel where we stayed with our wedding party & friends.  we had a cocktail at the site of our reception & the place we spent our first married night.  we walked on the beach, getting sand between our toes.  ah, the memories.

& we’re currently getting ready for a trip with the smith clan to IDAHO (the place of bob’s birth, home to many lakes, long summer days, outdoor sports, & beautiful scenery).  it will be a blast, we’re sure of it.

(oh, we’re also getting POLITICAL & helping robby’s dad with his run for city council of our hometown.  go bicycle bob!!)

i guess we’ve been busy.  so sorry for the lack of smithlove updates.  we’ll be better, we promise!

xo, anna + robby

p.s. here’s a little reminder to be thankful (from the chalkboard in our kitchen). we thought you might like to see…


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celebrating robby

a few moments from robby’s thirtieth celebration…








robby & the dads went on a bike ride to an al fresco lunch. it was a beautiful, warm eighty-degree day.

we had a relaxing afternoon, munching on snacks like garlicky popcorn & guacamole. for dinner, we had homemade chicken tortilla soup (recipe from the pioneer woman), salad, corn bread & roasted asparagus. i made a birthday apple pie for dessert. robby got lots of thoughtful gifts. ♥



{i found many of the decorations from shop sweet lulu.}

we love you, robby!
xo, anna


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thirty years young

happy almost thirtieth birthday to one of my favorite people in the whole world. the entire universe. the cosmos & beyond . . . oh, ok. i’m getting carried away. (i tend to do that when i talk about my mr.)

happiest of birthdays to the sweetest husband around.  i love you, robert austin.

thirty things i love about my almost thirty-year-old husband

(on the eve of his birthday):

#1 his big smile. have you seen it? i mean, he’s got an amazing grin that lights up a room.

#2 his ability to sing rap lyrics like no other white boy i know. this guy knows his rap, lemme tell you.

#3 his laugh. something about it just. well. it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

#4 his big blue eyes. seriously adorable.

#5 his hugs. they’re the best!

#6 his desire for us to be connected to a church.

#7 the curls that form when his hair gets a little long. i can’t bear to let him get them cut off. they’re so cute!

#8 the way he makes grilled cheese sandwiches. he hits just the right pickle:cheese ratio.

#9 his devotion to family. he loves & cherishes his family more than anyone i know. the boy would do anything to cheer up or lighten the load of one of his parents or siblings.

#10 his love for books. robby would love it if we had bookshelves covering every wall of our home. he dreams about his future “study” & loves trips to the library. i ♥ a man with his nose in a book.

#11 his love for “little people” … being around kids makes him feel like everything’s right with the world, he once said. i love that!

#12 his desire to give back to the community. so many people our age are not near as giving & generous as my robby.

#13 his ability to plan. i am so thankful that he loves to dream about & plan our future with me. such a blessing.

#14 his work ethic. robby is always learning new things, trying to take work to the next level.

#15 his ability to deal with stressful situations. let’s just say we balance each other out on this one. :)

#16 the fact that he’ll watch friends/you’ve got mail/when harry met sally with me as many times as i ask. he’s learned to appreciate them with me because they make me smile.

#17 his dedication to staying healthy. he craves bike rides on the weekends. he loves yoga. he flosses every day. he drinks green tea like it’s nobody’s business. give the man a vegetable (beet, turnip, carrot, sweet potato, yam), & he’s happy. feed him a stew filled with vegetables, and he’ll talk about it for a week!

#18 the fact that he gets up at 4:30 every morning to go for a run & make hot oatmeal before work. (i only wish i had his dedication that early!)

#19 the way he takes care of me when i’m sick or tired or cranky. so loving, even in the most stressful moments.

#20 his knowledge about history and art. he’s like a walking encyclopedia. it frightens me sometimes.

#21 sweet texts he sends throughout the day & the notes he leaves me around the apartment. (i save them all!)

#22 his love for traveling. wherever we go –  be it copenhagen, berlin, new york, rome, venice, or a new side of town – he loves to explore, visit museums, learn the history, eat like locals, take it all in.

#23 how he treats waiters & waitresses. he always goes out of his way to show appreciation & respect.  he almost always over-tips.

#24 the way he’ll stop on the way home from a morning run to grab me a fresh croissant & a coffee. he knows the way to my heart.

#25 his love of vintage traditions: formal extended family dinners, sipping vintage cocktails, dressing in a tux & bow tie, visiting the theatre, treating people with dignity, handwritten letters sent in the mail, vinyl jazz records, formal language, old men with thick moustaches, country clubs, classic black & white films … you see, he doesn’t worry about getting old. not one bit. he literally can’t wait to be able to embrace some of the traditions twentysomethings cannot so easily pull off.

{little robby with his aunt “tt”}

#26 how he likes to dress up.  he actually likes wearing ties to work.  he isn’t a fan of anything new that already looks ragged. holes in his jeans: he would never. tears in his shirts: not an option. he shines his own shoes. he irons his shirts.

#27 it is so cute that he feels it’s his job to always take out the trash. i think i’ve taken it out maybe three times the entire time we’ve been married. so sweet.

#28 the fact that he can always tell when i’m sad, even if i don’t say a word.  he always knows the right thing to say, the right mood to shift my spirits.

#29 the fact that he doesn’t mind washing dishes. i mean, what girl wouldn’t love that?!

#30 his love for our little family & desire for our marriage to be healthy & strong. he works every day to bring us closer together. i could not have asked for a better partner in this life.

 xoxoxoxo, wifey

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congratulations, robby!


{photo via omiyage blogs}


{photo of a swiss miss party via lucky so & so}

i would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my darling husband on passing the second of a series of real estate exams. with a deft eye on our future, he has studied so diligently for these tests. you rock, dude!

♥ you, my super-smart & hard-working hubs!

xo, anna


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honeymoon no. 2

for our first anniversary, robby surprised me a few days before by telling me we would be spending the weekend in manhattan beach.  we spent three glorious days in this adorable little seaside town…


we had so much fun eating fresh seafood, making toasts at every meal, walking down the pier, exploring the small neighborhood streets, eating breakfast at bill’s pancake house (overlooking the water), driving to venice for an afternoon, & spending time together (this may seem cheesy, but that’s our favorite thing).

we are so lucky to have found each other. we really do fit together so well – in more ways than we could’ve ever known on that first date (over five years ago) at the greek food festival. i am so thankful every day to have found you, robby austin.

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one year ago

robby, i love you more than ever before (if that’s possible).

xxo, anna

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ten months

we celebrated ten months of marriage with dinner at home…


i made spicy edamame, vegetable gyozas & an arugula salad.
for dessert, i whipped up a couple strawberry slushies with butter waffle cookies in our “vive les maries” glasses ~ it means “long live the newlyweds” in french, remember?


it still feels like yesterday that we got married. time flies when your hubs is this cute, i guess.

xo, anna

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“you have brains in your head. you have feet in your shoes. you can steer yourself any direction you choose.” dr. seuss

my not-so-little brother, max, graduated from college this year. we headed to texas to celebrate with him. we are so proud of all that he has accomplished – a double-major, scholarship to russia for the summer & all!


this was in the airport, before the trip to dallas. giddyup.







it was such a patriotic ceremony. aunt carolyn smartly supplied the flags to wave & the cute buttons to wear.


we ate lots of good food & drank lots of good wine.


i even met up with a couple college buds from fort worth before our flight home.

we are so proud of you, maxie-poo!!

xo, anna


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happy 3 years at GSA, robby! they are so lucky to have you. :)

i love how much extra effort you put into being the best employee you can be. you seek new training whenever you can, work extra hours & on your days off to get get the job done, show extreme respect for your supervisors, seek to know your co-workers on a deeper level (meeting them for lunch, playing on their softball team) and reach out to new employees with immense kindness & words of wisdom. in short, you’re amazing.

and… it doesn’t hurt that you look completely adorable in a tie & blazer.

xo, anna


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san francisco

around our six-month anniversary last week… robby & i traveled up to san francisco.

we enjoyed some of our favorite san francisco spots:

[the ferry building]

[browser books on fillmore]

[blue bottle for breakfast]

[lunch at the asian art museum]

[the grove cafe]

& saw some dear friends…

what a great way to celebrate six months!

[a sweet surprise from the hubs]

xo, anna

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