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crème de la crème

i cannot stop watching this video of two ballet dancers, captured in slow motion at 1000 frames per second. i love when graceful dancers make ballet seem almost effortless, while those of us who’ve practiced for years & years know this illusion is anything but true. ballet is a demanding & difficult art.

my favorite part?: their synchronized grand jeté. so beautiful it hurts!

xo, anna


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rise & shine

{september 16, 2011: vegan waffles with a banana, toast with avocado and tomato}

 {november 12, 2010}

{ january 30, 2012}

i love this photographic series called rise & shine, by lauren fleishman.  (yes, the same lauren that i posted about here.)  breakfast can be such a ritual for a lot of us.  it’s fun to see a little peak into someone else’s daily rituals too.  :)

{all photos by lauren fleishman}


xo, anna


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fig + fauna

to celebrate our first week cooking with our fresh CSA produce, here’s a beautiful little video by tiger in a jar inspired by a similar message to create a meaningful relationship with your food and seek out local suppliers. :)


i hope you enjoy it!

you can check out tiger in a jar’s blog here

xo, anna

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presidents’ day

in honor:


by the ever-so-talented maira kalman, on thomas jefferson

so many of our presidents, however strongly we disagree with them, seem to me to be endlessly fascinating.  don’t you think?

xo, anna


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love can last

{you should really watch this video.}

“april 14th will be our 68th wedding anniversary.  that’s right, you heard it!  friends ask me how i managed to get someone like jean.  so i have one expression.  i prayed well.”  

   -abe small, march 2, 2011

love ever after: a project about new yorkers who have been married for 50 years or more.  learn more about the photographer, lauren fleishman, here.

xo, anna


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i’m having fun with my newest iphone app: pocketbooth! it’s a portable photobooth in your pocket. :)

xo, anna

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paris versus new york

“a tally of two cities”

genius, no?

vahram muratyan hit the nail on the head with these.

{thanks to cup of jo for the intro to this cheeky blog.}

xo, anna

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i ♥ it

emersonmade: classic, adorable, tailored, well-made clothes (& now shoes!) you’ll keep forever.


their items are made in new york city & designed by emerson & her husband at their country home in new hampshire.  along with their dog pedro, they live on an organic farm!  their blog includes hints of country-life, with the occasional pet baby duck story or video.  adorable!

you can also check out a sneak peak of their beautiful farm home here.

my obsession lasted months & months before i broke down & recently purchased the gunmetal pins & this coat.  i am incredibly happy with the quality, cut, & cuteness of both … a bit of a splurge, but worth every penny.

the ONLY drawback is that their items tend to sell out fast. :)


xo, anna



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feeling crafty

the holidays always get me in the mood for crafting.
here are a few images from far craftier bloggers than i could really evere aspire to be. perhaps there’s a new year’s resolution hidden among the pages of dog-eared magazines & bookmarked online crafting ideas?…






any holiday crafts that you’ve taken to lately?

xo, anna

{sources: martha stewart + oh happy day! + martha stewart}

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inspiring words

do you worry too much? i know i do.


cup of jo posted about a clever way to get through times of anxiety.
it’s funny how out of perspective we can get sometimes.

{photo by adam schallau}

have a happy weekend, friends!

xo, anna

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