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playing catch up

things we’ve been up to this spring/summer:

celebrated ANNA’S BIRTHDAY … one year closer to thirty, & she’s feeling good about it.  while she may be twenty-nine now, bartenders still give double-takes when she passes them her license to order a drink (we think she’ll be carded until she’s forty).  :)

moved to a NEW LOFT APARTMENT (which we love).

anna is currently testing out her green thumb on the new patio.

although, there were a few tears as we packed up & left our first apartment we’ve lived in together… au revoir, holly street.

traveled to PARIS with anna’s family!  we ate buttery pastries every day, sipped lots of wine, people-watched in bistros, dined in fancy restaurants, walked the streets until our feet were blistery, traveled to the countryside for a few days, fell in love with rue montorgueil, spoke french with locals, & vowed to visit again.  (we’ll always have paris.)

anna attended her cousin caroline’s BABY SHOWER in virginia.   (update: baby belle is currently an adorable, healthy & happy three-&-a-half-week old!)

anna soaked up every second of time with her east coast cousins on this short trip.

celebrated the FOURTH OF JULY with our parents (it’s becoming a tradition ’round here).  we rode bikes to dinner, sat outside & ate lobster (which felt very festive), watched deuling country clubs’ fireworks shows from the patio, & had a delicious late-night cobbler at robby’s parents’.

took a DAYTRIP TO SANTA BARBARA (the place we were wed) to reminisce.  & reminisce we did.  we ate at the little cafe where we had breakfast every morning of our wedding week.  we visited the hotel where we stayed with our wedding party & friends.  we had a cocktail at the site of our reception & the place we spent our first married night.  we walked on the beach, getting sand between our toes.  ah, the memories.

& we’re currently getting ready for a trip with the smith clan to IDAHO (the place of bob’s birth, home to many lakes, long summer days, outdoor sports, & beautiful scenery).  it will be a blast, we’re sure of it.

(oh, we’re also getting POLITICAL & helping robby’s dad with his run for city council of our hometown.  go bicycle bob!!)

i guess we’ve been busy.  so sorry for the lack of smithlove updates.  we’ll be better, we promise!

xo, anna + robby

p.s. here’s a little reminder to be thankful (from the chalkboard in our kitchen). we thought you might like to see…


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easter 2012

spring is here!  here are a few photos from our easter weekend with family…

{al fresco brunch by ashley: lentil & roasted vegetable salad + asparagus with toasted pine nuts, shaved parmesan & poached eggs}


{delicious dessert by pam: layers of fruit & cream}



{grandmother & granddaddy with a few of the camp cousins}

we also spent the night with both of our parents, ashley & cousins (including little jack) playing tabboo late into the night. it was a fun, full & memorable spring day.

xo, anna

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presidents’ day

in honor:


by the ever-so-talented maira kalman, on thomas jefferson

so many of our presidents, however strongly we disagree with them, seem to me to be endlessly fascinating.  don’t you think?

xo, anna


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a day for love

happy saint valentine’s day!


to us, this day is a celebration of LOVE.  not roses, not candy, not fancy dinners, not heart-shaped balloons.  these things are nice but can seem so very unnecessary & contrived.  we like to spoil each other in surprising little ways.  i hope that our valentine gifts to one another show that.

the hubs got me all of my favorite little treats & arranged them sweetly on our table for when I woke up.

{a handwritten letter, tulips, black licorice, a manicure gift card, chocolates filled with peanut butter, a travel book, & an almond croissant}

I gave him some homemade chocolates in a vintage jello tin, a heart pin, a cross-stitch of a chevron arrow & hung a couple signs around the apartment.





i hope your day is filled with LOVE.

xo, anna


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happy almost ♥ day


i might be making a certain special someone a little valentine’s treat. but shhhhhhhhh! … it’s a surprise.


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i’m having fun with my newest iphone app: pocketbooth! it’s a portable photobooth in your pocket. :)

xo, anna

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happy heart month

red toenails for february!


♥ ♥ ♥
xo, anna

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happy new year

christmastime.  i’m a little behind on our holiday update. to sum it all up, we had a glorious time with family & friends. we ate elaborate meals around large family tables, baked cakes & other treats, wore silly santa hats, attended progressive dinners, opened thoughtful gifts, & i traveled to visit friends in another state.

here are a few pictures to give you an idea…

{saying adieu to 2011 with a glass of wine}

{max makes a great santa}

{my first bûche de noël}

{visiting carrie in fort worth}

{walking the halls of my alma mater}

{ooohing & aahhhing at pretty christmas lights}

2012.   to ring in the new year, robby & i delicately sipped on drinks & nibbled at desserts while listening to live jazz music at pop, a neighborhood favorite. (i tried a flight of champagne, robby had red wine, and we ate fancy churros & chocolate-covered strawberries.) to let you in on a little secret, i’m not a huge fan of new year’s. perhaps a little part of me is sad to see the past year go. i suppose it’s also that large, loud parties with noisemakers & fireworks never excite me. so this year was perfect, just me and my darling husband on the eve of january 1, quietly celebrating the first day of 2012.


here’s to a happy & healthy two thousand twelve!!

xo, anna

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rockin’ around the christmas tree


we love our sweet-smelling tree. after the crazy wind storm we had here last week, i’m so glad we could find one! i keep finding myself saying, “look at the treeeee!” christmastime is officially official over here.

i’ve been busy crafting other decorations too… an activity advent calendar & a recycled magazine tree.

i ♥ the holidays.

which december traditions make your heart happy?

xo, the smiths

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giving thanks

we spent thanksgiving with family in our hometown.

daddy-o carved the turkey.

i baked some chocolate-dipped, gingerbread acorn cookies.

played scrabble by the fire with my hubs.

we went for a beautiful morning run full of fog & fall leaves.

we hung out with the crew at the padre hotel’s rooftop bar downtown.

family. friends. healthy bodies. warm beds. hot baths. twinkle lights. christmas tree lots popping up all over town. apple cider in season at trader joe’s. perfectly chilly weather that begs for scarves & sweaters. romance-filled rainy days. ♥

there are so many things to be thankful for.

xo, anna

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