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true vintage

ready for a flashback?

here i am with my cousin aimee & sister laura. . . .

tiny laura’s scream in the first photo is classic.  it cracks me up that we all have necklaces on with our bathing suits.  & laura, in her seersucker suit with the ruffles in the back and little chipmunk cheeks (with lips pursed mid-sentence), pulls at my heartstrings.

funky haircuts & all, i think we were pretty darn cute when we were little.

{thanks to my aunt linda for the fun flashback!}

xo, anna


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i ♥ it

emersonmade: classic, adorable, tailored, well-made clothes (& now shoes!) you’ll keep forever.


their items are made in new york city & designed by emerson & her husband at their country home in new hampshire.  along with their dog pedro, they live on an organic farm!  their blog includes hints of country-life, with the occasional pet baby duck story or video.  adorable!

you can also check out a sneak peak of their beautiful farm home here.

my obsession lasted months & months before i broke down & recently purchased the gunmetal pins & this coat.  i am incredibly happy with the quality, cut, & cuteness of both … a bit of a splurge, but worth every penny.

the ONLY drawback is that their items tend to sell out fast. :)


xo, anna



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