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“there’s something sacred about reading a blog post on someone else’s site. it’s like visiting a friend’s house for a quick meal ’round the breakfast table. it’s personal – you’re in their space, and the environment is uniquely suited for idea exchange and uninterrupted conversation. in many ways, we should be treating our blogs like our breakfast tables. be welcoming & gracious when you host, and kind & respectful when visiting.”
-trent walton

{chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes from my favorite food blogger, joy the baker}

xo, anna


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my first bundt cake





we had a little dinner party with friends at our new table, & we ate this chocolate-coffee cake for dessert. i ♥ baking. it soothes my soul.

xo, anna

{recipe from joy the baker}


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this sugar cookie dough in break-&-bake form is seriously amazing.

as a baker, i feel rather guilty admitting this, but sometimes it’s nice to have standbys to pop in the oven right after dinner. no mess. no dirty dishes. easy peasy. (i did add one extra step: i roll mine in a sugar-cinnamon mix prior to baking so they resemble snickerdoodles.)

if you make these for guests, i promise they’ll never in a million years guess they came from pre-made dough.

we got ours at whole foods. :)

certain cookies need to be made homemade, in my humble opinion. like these & these. but the simplicity of sugar cookies lend themselves well to this break-&-bake form.

happy “baking”!


xo, anna

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a day for love

happy saint valentine’s day!


to us, this day is a celebration of LOVE.  not roses, not candy, not fancy dinners, not heart-shaped balloons.  these things are nice but can seem so very unnecessary & contrived.  we like to spoil each other in surprising little ways.  i hope that our valentine gifts to one another show that.

the hubs got me all of my favorite little treats & arranged them sweetly on our table for when I woke up.

{a handwritten letter, tulips, black licorice, a manicure gift card, chocolates filled with peanut butter, a travel book, & an almond croissant}

I gave him some homemade chocolates in a vintage jello tin, a heart pin, a cross-stitch of a chevron arrow & hung a couple signs around the apartment.





i hope your day is filled with LOVE.

xo, anna


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happy almost ♥ day


i might be making a certain special someone a little valentine’s treat. but shhhhhhhhh! … it’s a surprise.


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nothing better than apples & cinnamon

i baked a pie a few days ago on a chilly & rainy night when we were craving something warm & fruity to eat by the fireplace. apple pie did the trick!



…not the prettiest pie i’ve ever made, but we didn’t care. ♥
& we’re still enjoying the leftovers.

xo, anna

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cupcake convert




{my chocolate marshmallow cupcake}


i spent the afternoon in valencia with my mom, mother-in-love & auntie carolyn… we took a cupcake break at velvet. I did not used to be a big cake person. in fact, i’m still not a big frosting-lover, but I feel like cupcakeries are really stepping it up now with the high-quality ingredients & delicious flavor combos. less corn syrup/overly sweet toppings & more flavorful fillings… yes, please!

i’ve even convinced robby now that cupcakes can be delicious if done right. :)

i especially love making my own homemade (& completely organic!) cupcakes from the primrose bakery cookbook. it might just make you a convert too.

xo, anna

p.s. although i’ve hesitantly embraced the cupcake fad, i still think pies are making quite a comeback in the dessert arena. & i wholeheartedly support it! i mean, who doesn’t love a freshly baked, steamy pie from the oven? my favorite dessert of all time just might be homemade blackberry pie.

{mom & i made this lattice-crusted peach pie last weekend}

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beet cake

this might be the most beautiful video of a cake-making process i have ever seen…

beet cake from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.

creating cakes is such an art. this video perfectly captures that.

xo, anna

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independence day

ashley & i spent the fourth of july with our parents.

we ate a yummy meal of frogmore stew – potatoes, shrimp, corn, sausage & spices.

we wore bobbley-starred hats.

we watched fireworks. we had fresh summer strawberries & pound cake (that ashley & i made) for dessert.


it was glorious fun.

“so, two cheers for democracy: one because it admits variety and two because it permits criticism.”  -e. m. forster

xo, anna

p.s. doesn’t bob look like abraham lincoln’s twin in this last photo??!

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celebrating stasie

what a fun time we had partying with the bride-to-be (miss stasie) two sundays in a row.

first there was a garden party (6.26.2011)…






{my mom’s gorgeous patio was dotted with birdcages filled with flowers, pom poms in garden colors, striped straws, vintage tablecloths, & crisp white umbrellas.}


{i made the raspberry cupcakes & the cake toppers}

{our tandem bike was on display with flowers in the basket.}


{we included a lot of things stasie loves: flowers, bunnies, the color pink, mimosas, & vintage decor}


{the afterparty at mauricio’s was fun too!}


& then there was a bridal tea (7.3.2011)…

{pam made the yummy glass-filled desserts.}


{stasie acquired an adorable collection of teacups.}

{we all kept cool on the hot day with cold lemonade and iced tea.}


we love you, stasie!

xo, anna


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