baby jack

how do babies manage to capture your heart? could it be the innocent coos? the chubby cheeks? their precious clumsiness? the way their eyes widen when they discover something new? the fuzzy hair? the adorable way they wobble when they walk?

for these reasons & so many more, little jack mason has captured our hearts. anna’s cousin’s first baby, jack is the cutest little person we have every known. (we might be a little biased.)

{he can’t quite reach the pedals to his new tractor, but he’s got quite a grip on the steering wheel!}

we ♥ you so much, jack!

remember, we’re the ones that feed you chocolate cake when mama & dada aren’t looking, let you play with our iphones, & cuddle & kiss your cheeks every chance we get! (we hope you like us too.)

xo, robert & anna


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One response to “baby jack

  1. He is a cute little guy, can’t wait to see him as he grows! :)

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