{ranunculus bunches in mason jars at my parents’ house}

robby & i spent a long weekend with our parents – eating, relaxing, riding bikes, & enjoying the sunshine.

we visited the newest dewar’s. i had my favorite, coffee-flavored ice cream.

we also finally put the topcoat on our new table (that i mentioned here & here). it is being delivered to us by my sweet daddy-o this week!

{we used safecoat acrylacq in the matte finish, an eco-friendly product with almost no smelly fumes.}

xo, anna

p.s. i am now officially obsessed with downton abbey. how did it take me this long to find out about this amazingly beautiful & captivating series? if you’ve never seen it, i dare you to watch just one!

p.p.s. my adorable owl-printed pj pants (that i’m wearing in the photos above, rolled up to protect them from dripping paint) are truly my new favorites. thanks to bob & pam for the great gift! ♥ ♥ ♥



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2 responses to “weekending

  1. Pamela smith

    I am so glad u like downtown abby… The table looks awesome!!! We had a great time seeing you and Robby this week end.. See you Thursday !!

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