bye bye eleanor. . .

our sweet little fishy, eleanor, has passed away.

i know she was just a fish, but she was one cute littly fish.

{soon after i brought her home.}

my then boyfriend, now husband, got her for me over three years ago at a fish store on fillmore street in san francisco.  this little fishy helped me get through lots of late-night studying, always cheerfully buzzing around her bowl.  she survived two moves with me.  she lived in three cities total.  (she was quite a little traveler, as far as fishies go.)

we will miss her silly antics.  she always tried to jump out of the bowl when we filled it with too much water (sometimes successfully, which caused a mad dash to carefully place her back inside).  she liked to hide underneath her fake turtle friend (she must have felt safe under there) until we tapped on the glass which would always get her to swim toward our fingers.  she liked to nibble on the plants that were in her bowl.  she always seemed to get excited when her water was fresh & clean (buzzing around in circles frantically).

{this was taken only a few short days ago. she had started swimming slower & resting on the bottom of the bowl a lot. i kind of knew the end was near.}

what a cute little fishy she was.

rest in peace, little eleanor.

xo, anna


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