thirty years young

happy almost thirtieth birthday to one of my favorite people in the whole world. the entire universe. the cosmos & beyond . . . oh, ok. i’m getting carried away. (i tend to do that when i talk about my mr.)

happiest of birthdays to the sweetest husband around.  i love you, robert austin.

thirty things i love about my almost thirty-year-old husband

(on the eve of his birthday):

#1 his big smile. have you seen it? i mean, he’s got an amazing grin that lights up a room.

#2 his ability to sing rap lyrics like no other white boy i know. this guy knows his rap, lemme tell you.

#3 his laugh. something about it just. well. it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

#4 his big blue eyes. seriously adorable.

#5 his hugs. they’re the best!

#6 his desire for us to be connected to a church.

#7 the curls that form when his hair gets a little long. i can’t bear to let him get them cut off. they’re so cute!

#8 the way he makes grilled cheese sandwiches. he hits just the right pickle:cheese ratio.

#9 his devotion to family. he loves & cherishes his family more than anyone i know. the boy would do anything to cheer up or lighten the load of one of his parents or siblings.

#10 his love for books. robby would love it if we had bookshelves covering every wall of our home. he dreams about his future “study” & loves trips to the library. i ♥ a man with his nose in a book.

#11 his love for “little people” … being around kids makes him feel like everything’s right with the world, he once said. i love that!

#12 his desire to give back to the community. so many people our age are not near as giving & generous as my robby.

#13 his ability to plan. i am so thankful that he loves to dream about & plan our future with me. such a blessing.

#14 his work ethic. robby is always learning new things, trying to take work to the next level.

#15 his ability to deal with stressful situations. let’s just say we balance each other out on this one. :)

#16 the fact that he’ll watch friends/you’ve got mail/when harry met sally with me as many times as i ask. he’s learned to appreciate them with me because they make me smile.

#17 his dedication to staying healthy. he craves bike rides on the weekends. he loves yoga. he flosses every day. he drinks green tea like it’s nobody’s business. give the man a vegetable (beet, turnip, carrot, sweet potato, yam), & he’s happy. feed him a stew filled with vegetables, and he’ll talk about it for a week!

#18 the fact that he gets up at 4:30 every morning to go for a run & make hot oatmeal before work. (i only wish i had his dedication that early!)

#19 the way he takes care of me when i’m sick or tired or cranky. so loving, even in the most stressful moments.

#20 his knowledge about history and art. he’s like a walking encyclopedia. it frightens me sometimes.

#21 sweet texts he sends throughout the day & the notes he leaves me around the apartment. (i save them all!)

#22 his love for traveling. wherever we go –  be it copenhagen, berlin, new york, rome, venice, or a new side of town – he loves to explore, visit museums, learn the history, eat like locals, take it all in.

#23 how he treats waiters & waitresses. he always goes out of his way to show appreciation & respect.  he almost always over-tips.

#24 the way he’ll stop on the way home from a morning run to grab me a fresh croissant & a coffee. he knows the way to my heart.

#25 his love of vintage traditions: formal extended family dinners, sipping vintage cocktails, dressing in a tux & bow tie, visiting the theatre, treating people with dignity, handwritten letters sent in the mail, vinyl jazz records, formal language, old men with thick moustaches, country clubs, classic black & white films … you see, he doesn’t worry about getting old. not one bit. he literally can’t wait to be able to embrace some of the traditions twentysomethings cannot so easily pull off.

{little robby with his aunt “tt”}

#26 how he likes to dress up.  he actually likes wearing ties to work.  he isn’t a fan of anything new that already looks ragged. holes in his jeans: he would never. tears in his shirts: not an option. he shines his own shoes. he irons his shirts.

#27 it is so cute that he feels it’s his job to always take out the trash. i think i’ve taken it out maybe three times the entire time we’ve been married. so sweet.

#28 the fact that he can always tell when i’m sad, even if i don’t say a word.  he always knows the right thing to say, the right mood to shift my spirits.

#29 the fact that he doesn’t mind washing dishes. i mean, what girl wouldn’t love that?!

#30 his love for our little family & desire for our marriage to be healthy & strong. he works every day to bring us closer together. i could not have asked for a better partner in this life.

 xoxoxoxo, wifey


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  1. Pamela smith

    What a husband you have.. But I agree he is one of a kind!!! Happy birthday Robby !!!

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