rah rah tcu!

this was not the proudest week for my alma mater, tcu.  (read the reason here.)

amidst all of the hearsay statements, defamatory references, and really quite awful reporting portrayed in many of the news articles, these words stood out to me as true: “i believe strongly that young people’s lives are more important than wins or losses.”  (coach gary patterson)  amen.  end of story.

i applaud tcu for their willingness to come forward publicly with this information and immediately separate “football heroes” from the team and threaten expulsion of all of the students if they are convicted.  well done.

if these football players are convicted, it’s very likely that the team will suffer.  the coach knows this.

in a state that often goes overboard with its enthusiasm about football (often tying a school’s self-worth with its ability to win games), i’m proud to see my alma mater stick its head up and shout, enough!

xo, anna


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