happy new year

christmastime.  i’m a little behind on our holiday update. to sum it all up, we had a glorious time with family & friends. we ate elaborate meals around large family tables, baked cakes & other treats, wore silly santa hats, attended progressive dinners, opened thoughtful gifts, & i traveled to visit friends in another state.

here are a few pictures to give you an idea…

{saying adieu to 2011 with a glass of wine}

{max makes a great santa}

{my first bûche de noël}

{visiting carrie in fort worth}

{walking the halls of my alma mater}

{ooohing & aahhhing at pretty christmas lights}

2012.   to ring in the new year, robby & i delicately sipped on drinks & nibbled at desserts while listening to live jazz music at pop, a neighborhood favorite. (i tried a flight of champagne, robby had red wine, and we ate fancy churros & chocolate-covered strawberries.) to let you in on a little secret, i’m not a huge fan of new year’s. perhaps a little part of me is sad to see the past year go. i suppose it’s also that large, loud parties with noisemakers & fireworks never excite me. so this year was perfect, just me and my darling husband on the eve of january 1, quietly celebrating the first day of 2012.


here’s to a happy & healthy two thousand twelve!!

xo, anna


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