table update

curious about our table project i hinted at a few weeks ago?
here’s an update for ya…

i was inspired by a console project the folks over at young house love featured awhile back. we mimicked their process to turn new douglas fir, ultra-blonde wood into a vintage-looking piece.

once the farmhouse-style table was built (nice & sturdy … nobody likes a wobbly table), we sanded the table down with a coarse grain sandpaper. we rounded the corners smooth and got rid of any splintery areas. we opted not to sand it down as smooth as some might prefer (with the thought that it adds to the time-worn, farmhouse look). my dad then used an air blower to get rid of loose wood and chips leftover from sanding.

the staining process included a couple layers of oil-based minwax stain. we first applied a light layer of water to the wood with a paint brush. while still damp, we lightly brushed a layer of ebony minwax stain, wiping away quickly with a cloth. this gave the wood a greyish look. the wood suddenly started to look 40 years older. it was amazing!


after allowing this layer to dry completely, we added a layer of dark walnut minwax stain, wiping away soon after applying it.



the last step of applying a protective topcoat is yet to be done, but we’re almost there.

we’re happy with our new/old farmhouse table that can seat six comfortably. quite an upgrade from our current table-for-two!

xo, anna



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3 responses to “table update

  1. pam

    love it…i hadnt seen the latest photo of it almost done!!

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