c’est bon!

the holidays mean sugary sweets & rich meals. i love baking pies & cookies. sneaking seconds & thirds of stuffing. stealing red hots (my favorite candy since childhood) from the bowl while making gingerbread houses. i always find a way to consume a year’s worth of mashed potatoes just in thanksgiving week. but sometimes i just want some fresh raw veggies to counterbalance it all. I can’t be the only one feeling this. ;)

hungry for something healthy?


do this: grab some good sourdough bread. (i prefer cracked wheat sourdough, but any fresh bread will do.)

toast the bread.

slather a layer of garlic hummus on top of warm slices. cover with a layer of crushed avocado.

sprinkle on top the following: chickpeas, sliced green onion, sliced radish, freshly grated parmesan, salt & pepper.

squeeze a bit of lemon over it all.

voilà. a perfectly easy, healthy, yummy, & surprisingly filling sandwich. great when served with an arugula salad & olives.

you can thank me later.

xo, anna

{idea à la the avocado tartine at le pain quotidienne.}


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