happy thursday, my darlings!

so sorry for ignoring the blog the past few weeks… things always seem to get busier this time of year.

not that i’m complaining. i seriously ♥ autumn. but you already knew that, didn’t you?

here’s a quick little update:

at the end of august we traveled to new york for stasie & shai’s wedding. it was a magical week filled with love. we enjoyed staying at the palace hotel, visiting a few of our favorite places, & spending time with family & friends. oh, how lucky we are to have traveled to new york city so many times … we kind of don’t feel like tourists anymore when we go!






we also spent some time in bakersfield with family. one night, we went on a beautiful bike ride. the sky was stormy. it drizzled a bit. and lightning & thunder kept it exciting.

flat stanley visited pasadena last week, and we showed him around. here are a few highlights. :)



{more on flat stanley here.}

we are celebrating our first anniversary this weekend with a romantic little getaway to a seaside town. (we like to call it honeymoon #2)  i can’t wait for the chilly weather, strolls on the beach, cozy dinners, & time with my sweet husband. it will be a fun & smoochy weekend, for sure!

here are a few sweet moments from honeymoon #1:



have a delicious weekend, my dears!

xo, anna

p.s. have you heard of this?! makes me want to travel to finland. so sweet!



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2 responses to “lately…

  1. linder

    there are so many things I could say about babies and Finland and not having to go to Finland for babies or baby clothes, but I thought you knew all that?

  2. hehehe … i knew! i knew!
    & i suppose finland needs to encourage citizens to have more babies (luring them with cute clothes & trinkets) with their long-term population decline & all. :)

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