with some of robby’s coworkers, we went to the rooftop bar at the standard. i recommend it. very l.a. (& we also realized the place is way too cool for us with its swanky pool & waterbed-filled bubble-pods. but we’re ok with that.) the drinks were good, & the people-watching was even better.


we made this (coconut shrimp deliciousness).


this has become my favorite lunch. so simple & so summery.


we ate a lot of meals at our cozy little table for two.


added a few new plants, including this little guy…

{he’s tropical foliage of some sort}

& a few tucked into the corner of our patio: a gardenia, some more foliage, spearmint that is currently sprouting & a hydrangea (not shown). cross your fingers they don’t all die by the end of the week!


xo, anna


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