family & firesides

last week, robby and i had the insanely awesome opportunity to accompany our families (or at least most of them) to a beach house in santa barbara.

we drank up the sunshine, the glorious cool ocean breeze. we reveled in our proximity to the shore.

we went on adventures in kayaks around the channel islands.

we explored the great outdoors on bikes.


(the garage was filled to the brim with all of our two-wheeled human-powered vehicles.)

tennis games were played as well.


we drank lots of good wine. we visited a vineyard.



we actually spent evenings by the fire — at the end of june. (i love that!)



we played a lot of taboo, pool & chess.

we cooked meals for each other (fajita night, pizza night, steak & salmon night, etc…). there are entirely too many amazing cooks in our families, we agree.


we drank margaritas.



we even spent a morning in montecito. a farewell breakfast at jeannine’s nine months after our wedding. sweet memories.



we slept well.     we laughed often.     we are so lucky.


xo, anna


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One response to “family & firesides

  1. pam

    love the pictures..what a time we glad we all got to be together..

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