secrets to a happy marriage

we love this series of posts on cup of jo – full of great advice.


a few favorites:

“love your other how they need to be loved, not how you need to be.”   -anna bond, rifle design

“find small ways to lighten the other’s load.”   -anne sage, the city sage

“take a mini-moon. frequently.”   -brooke reynolds, inchmark

“pancakes for breakfast are the secret to a happy marriage.”   -cara, peonies and polaroids

“take adventures! no matter how big or small your adventure, you’ll plan together, be spontaneous together, and create wonderful memories from the ups and downs.”   -ellie, mint

“never go to bed without each other (unless we are away, of course). no sleeping-on-the-couch business either. we leave love notes to each other often. i hide them near his keys, and he puts them on the kitchen table. we dance in front of the children. and we pray together daily.”   -stephanie nielson (“nie nie”), nie nie dialogues



xo, anna


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