the market on holly

my new favorite place: the market on holly. robby heard about it. we went there on a walk this afternoon & we fell in love.


{disclaimer: i did not take the above photo. i borrowed it from the market’s site as i couldn’t get a great shot while there.}


it is barely over a block away from our little apartment on holly. they have a neat selection of groceries & gifts, prepared breakfast & lunch food, beer & wine, really really good coffee, & ambiance to die for. i love the rustic tables and metal swivel stools, the green tile & the marble countertops. love, love, love.



bonus: it’s also connected to an adorable home store (opened by the wife of the market’s husband… cute!) filled with lots of neat vintage finds to browse with your cup of coffee or tea. :)

robby may have purchased me a little something there … two cute glasses with gold etching on them that says “vive les maries” (it means “long live the newlyweds” en francais – how fitting)!

{back at the apartment, slurping every last drop of my stumptown coffee from the market.}


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