happy 3 years at GSA, robby! they are so lucky to have you. :)

i love how much extra effort you put into being the best employee you can be. you seek new training whenever you can, work extra hours & on your days off to get get the job done, show extreme respect for your supervisors, seek to know your co-workers on a deeper level (meeting them for lunch, playing on their softball team) and reach out to new employees with immense kindness & words of wisdom. in short, you’re amazing.

and… it doesn’t hurt that you look completely adorable in a tie & blazer.

xo, anna



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3 responses to “workiversary

  1. Robby

    anna corinne – you are way too sweet to me. sometimes you just get lucky in life…

  2. The Babbit

    Basically, the cutest brother eva!
    (well, you tie with my other brother :)
    Love you, and wifey!

    ps. Love your new blog! See you in CA…5 days and counting !
    ps. Do you like this spelling of Babbit…it resembles…Rabbit. hah!

  3. pam

    yea for robby!! Yes he is all that..Anna u stated it excited that he has such a full..productive ..happy life!! And such a sweet wife by his side…hugs

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