we felt so lucky to be able to travel to italy for our honeymoon (what now feels like ages ago). if you’ve already seen these pictures, thanks for letting us record this little bit of smithlove history here. we also thought it might be nice for those of you that haven’t seen them on facebook or otherwise. enjoy. ♥

… the weather was absolutely perfect the entire time. how many trips can you say that about? we felt lucky.

one of our favorite things was simply walking around, exploring with our maps. robby read them of course! i’m terrible with maps…

i could have stayed at this wine bar all day. they had little appetizers sitting up at the counter to enjoy with your wine.

the food was beyond amazing.

gelato was everywhere!

ah, the italian life!



love locks on the ponte vecchio in florence. sweethearts attach a lock to iron railing & throw the keys in the river to show their love.  we didn’t bring a lock along, but we loved the idea.


arrivederci italia!

& thank you robby for being just the loveliest travel partner in the world.

xo, anna



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