our wedding: october 3

many of you have already seen our wedding photos, but we thought we’d include a few favorite memories here with our thoughts. enjoy…

our ceremony was personal, beautiful & emotional … everything we wanted it to be. we loved that we got a chance to celebrate the special women in our lives by giving them vintage hankies for the ceremony – we had them given to moms, grandmoms & aunts as they entered.

i had robby’s ring engraved with “mon couer et a vous” (my heart is yours; you have my heart) &  robby had my ring engraved with “je t’embrasse” (i embrace/kiss you; fondly yours) … coincidentally, both in french!

that day, we were both a bit nervous standing up front at the church- more than we expected to be. i suppose the emotion of joining your life with someone else’s is not something one can really prepare for. i distinctly remember reminding myself to soak every moment in – as we exchanged rings & during the hymn that three of my cousins performed. what a beautiful day it was.

i even shed a few tears during our vows. robby handed me his hankie to dry my cheek, a sweet moment i’ll never forget.

our reception was fun, fun, FUN! we both had a blast with all our our family members & friends in one room. the cigar bar on the patio was a hit & everyone commented that the band was a blast.

robby & i were especially excited to see a cute tandem bike waiting outside the cocktail area with a basket of fresh flowers & a cute calligraphy sign that read “just married.” some of our favorite pictures include this adorable bicycle.

we both enjoyed sitting at the long, banquet-style table with our wedding party. we even made time for a few bites of the delicious food & dessert!  our sweets table was so much fun to plan for. it turned out just as i had imagined it… well, actually … better!

we were so glad we could incorporate photos of our parents & grandparents at their weddings on a table at the reception… they are all SO special to us!

we included many of the typical wedding traditions, & we were glad we did… church ceremony, cake-cutting, tossing the bride’s bouquet, mother-son, father-daughter, bride-groom dances, etc.

robby & i took ballroom dancing lessons (our parents went too), & this was one of my favorite parts of the planning process. they were just so fun! it took a few beats on wedding day to get the rhythm of dancing in front of so many people, but robby & i got the hang of it after a bit. we danced to a sam cooke song, you send me, from this album. we’ve heard this song multiple times after – in stores & restaurants. it brings a smile to our faces every time.

the ways in which we tweaked traditions a bit for our wedding also made it more meaningful to us… taking a santa barbara trolley from the ceremony to the reception, a “photo booth” with vintage cameras as props at the cocktail hour, additional reception dances by our parents to their truly vintage songs, “station-style” dining, vintage cocktails at the bar, a smaller wedding cake with many other sweet options (& we used all vintage milk glass dessert plates & pedestals) & a lavender toss as we left.

we rode around for an hour in the getaway convertible with the sea-salty air practically blowing my hair out. we loved getting this chance to laugh together & go over the details & surprises of the day.

we could not be more thankful to have such a beautiful & memorable start to our marriage.

p.s. when our wedding video is ready (apparently super 8 film takes longer than expected to be processed!), we’ll add it here as well. ♥

xo, anna


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  1. pam

    A more beautiful day could not be found…there was a abundance of love and happiness gathered around robby and anna ..and spread to all the family and friends..a truly blessed day!!!

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